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Deep Tissue Massage Burnaby

What Is Thai Massage?

A lot of people have heard of Thai massage but most are not entirely sure of exactly what it is. This massage is essentially a series of interactive and flowing movements that are combined with stretches and rhythmic massage to harmonize and balance the flow of energy throughout the patient’s body. It is a meditative experience that often results in the release of both mental and physical stress. Sessions generally last for at least an hour and the massage is performed while the client is comfortably clothed on a special Thai mat.

There are a number of mental and physical benefits to this type of massage and patients will often experience psychological effects as well. Thai massage can help increase blood circulation while lowering blood pressure, which can boost your immune system and can improve your breathing, posture and balance. It can help you change your outlook towards life and can clear and calm your mind all while helping you gain mental clarity. Additionally, it can help reduce and relieve both stress and anxiety and can help you achieve better health, so this type of massage is definitely worth a try and most patients experience positive changes and results.

Traditional Thai massages are done on the floor, although it can be done on tables and beds as well. Certain elements of the practice are being effectively adapted by modern practitioners, so you may have options, although some of the more advanced movements and stretches can only be done safely and effectively while the patient is on the floor. It is recommended that you wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes as this will help with the twisting and stretching movements during your session. Some sessions may last longer than an hour because it can take time to balance your energy and the physical moves can become part of a deeper meditative process, which will better allow the patient to successfully achieve a sense of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The healing process can take time and some sessions can last for several hours.

Thai massage is suitable for everyone, regardless of their age, because the sessions are tailored to each individual patient. Modifications can be made to accommodate the patient’s condition and needs, so the massage is suitable for anyone and can provide exceptional results. Two-hour sessions every two weeks are generally recommended at first and this can change to monthly sessions once your body becomes more flexible.

If you are looking for stress relief, revitalization or want to improve your overall well-being, Thai massage can help. Your body, mind and soul will all benefit from this type of massage and you will get to experience numerous benefits, all of which will help you feel better and happier. If this is something you are interested in trying, Thai Vancouver Wellness Spa can help. We specialize in deep tissue and Thai massage, so if you are in the Vancouver or Burnaby areas, give us a call now!