Traditional Thai Massage Located in Burnaby BC

Our wellness spa offers the traditional Thai massage as well as a variety of relaxing and therapeutic services.
Thai Massage Burnaby

Our Treatment Rates

60 minutes $95
90 minutes $145
120 minutes $180

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Traditional Thai Massage

Stretching and pressure to increase flexibility, relieve muscle, joint tension and balancing body systems.

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Our Services

We provide high quality traditional Thai massage therapy and relaxing aromatic oil massages.

About Us

One of the biggest benefits is the relaxation that comes from it. People who regularly have massages are more relaxed, and many seek out massage as a form of relaxation. This, paired with the yoga-like elements of Thai massage, which is also relaxing, ensures that Thai massage can help even the most tense person find relaxation. Along with this, Thai massage is an excellent way to relieve stress. Since stress can have long-term and serious effects on the body and mind, using Thai massage to help relieve stress will help improve overall health.

Thai Massage Burnaby

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